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Q: What is PandaPow?

PandaPow is an easy to use, multi platform, VPN service that lets you browse the world wide web securely, anonymously and without restrictions.

Q: What does VPN mean?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. PandaPow provides Virtual Private Network servers in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Q: So how does it work?

The process is simple. All you need to do is connect your computer to a PandaPow VPN server. Then just browse the internet as before, but with the difference that now all your internet activity is encrypted and anonymous.

Q: What does anonymous browsing really mean?

Without PandaPow, the unique IP address assigned to you by your ISP is associated with all your online activity. This means that everything you do can be traced back to you.

With PandaPow, you're browsing the web via our encrypted network. Your online activity will be associated with our anonymous IP addresses. Your IP address will be hidden, and safe from any unwanted tracking.

Q: I'm living/travelling abroad, and since I'm outside my country I can't access my favorite websites. Can PandaPow help?

Yes. Many popular websites, like Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, in the US, and BBC iPlayer in the UK, et c, don't allow you to watch or listen to their broadcasts when you're abroad.

With PandaPow you can access these services without restriction, wherever you go. This means that you can get all the online goodies you normally get at home.

Q: Where are PandaPow's servers located?

We started out with servers in the USA, but since then we have expanded to Canada, and to the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and France in Europe, as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, in Asia. More expansions are to be expected so our apologies if this list is incomplete.

Q: So what server should I use?

What server to use depends on what you want to do, e.g. what sites you want to access.

If you're just out to secure your regular internet browsing, email and similar, and unblock websites in general, then you're probably best to pick a server closest to your own location.

If you're looking to unblock some country specific site, you need to select a server in the same country as that site.

Q: Can PandaPow prevent others to eaves drop on my internet traffic?

Yes. If you connect to the internet via an insecure public network, in particular if it is wireless, there are plenty of opportunities for eaves droppers to listen in and perhaps even steal sensitive data that you send or receive.

With PandaPow you can have an encrypted connection to our VPN servers, which means these eaves droppers will have a practically impossible task to decode the data sent and received by your computer.

Q: What about email and Internet chat messages, is that also secured by PandaPow?

Yes. When you connect to PandaPow, all information that you send or receive via Internet passes via our secure network. This includes when you use a web browser, when you use chat clients, if you use VoIP (for instance call someone using Skype), if you use specific apps for e.g. Facebook or Twitter, et c.

It does not, however, include messages that you send over regular telephone services, such as SMS. Unless you use an Internet based SMS solution.

Q: So how do I sign up for PandaPow?

Simply choose a subscription plan, and pay using one of the payment options available. Once you have completed the order the, you will receive your VPN account information via email.

Q: So how do I pay for PandaPow?

You can can choose to pay a single subscription term, or have a subscription that charges you automatically once a month, 3 months, or year.

Q: What forms of payment does PandaPow accept?

We accept payments via PayPal, 2Checkout or Coinbase.

This provides you with a wide range of payment forms, including all major credit cards, PayPal funds, eCheck and bank transfer (via PayPal), and Bitcoins (via Coinbase).

If the payment form of your choice is not yet supported, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Q: I've subscribed, downloaded and installed Pandapow Mac app, now what?

To get started with PandaPow on your Mac is very easy. Simply launch the app and connect via the PandaPow menu bar icon. Fill in your account info, that you received in an email, then click connect.

Q: I've subscribed, downloaded and installed the PandaPow Windows app, now what?

To start using PandaPow on Windows is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply launch the app, fill in your account info, that you received in an email, then click connect.

Q: I've subscribed. How do I start using it on iPhone?

To start using PandaPow on iPhone only requires a few simple setup steps. See the instructions in the iPhone setup guide and you'll be fine...

Q: I've subscribed, downloaded and installed the PandaPow app for Android, now what?

To start using PandaPow on Android, simply open the app and enter the username and password. Then it's just a click to turn the VPN on or off...

Q: Can I use PandaPow on all my computers/phones/tablets/...?

Yes, you can install and use the app on any number of PCs, smartphones, tablets or other supported devices without restriction.

You can connect up to 3 devices at the same time, using a single VPN account.

If you need to have more than 3 devices simultaneously, we recommend getting PandaPow WiFi which let's you connected unlimited number of devices.

You can also order another VPN account.

Q: Can I use PandaPow on my Smart TV/XBox/Playstation/Apple TV/...

Yes, but you'll need to get PandaPow WiFi.

With a regular VPN account you need to install an app, or use the devices own app, to connect to the VPN. This is not possible on most entertainment devices such as Smart TVs, XBox, Playstation, Apple TV, et c.

With PandaPow WiFi, on the other hand, that is no longer a limit. PandaPow WiFI lets you connect any WiFi enabled device to our VPN service. No need to install or configure anything, just connect and play. For more info, please see here.

Q: Can I order an extra VPN account?

Yes. Getting a second account is as simple as getting the first one. Simply go to the client area and click on "Add a new account". You then get to choose subscriptions options, and pay, just as when you first signed up.

Q: Can I change the subscription after signing up?

Yes. Changing your PandaPow subscription is easy. Go to the client area and select the VPN account you wish to change. You will then be presented with the available options.

Q: Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

Yes, if you wish to stop the automatic billing of your PandaPow account, simply go to the client area. There you can click the "Unsubscribe" link for your VPN account.

Q: What if I don't want the subscription. Can I get my money back?

Yes. The first 7 days after signing up for the first time you have the option to ask for a full refund. Simply go to the client area, unsubscribe to your VPN account, then click "Request a refund".

Q: Are there any limits on how much I can browse with PandaPow?

With PandaPow, you can browse as much as you want, without any limitation.

Q: Will PandaPow make my internet go slower?

PandaPow is based on highly efficient servers and network, and for most browsing you won't notice any difference in speed.

Q: Will PandaPow make my internet go faster?

When using PandaPow, all your browsing will pass through our highly efficient servers and network. For most of the time, the speed will be the same as when browsing without PandaPow.

Q: Help, it doesn't work. What should I do?

Relax, take a deep breath and check out our trouble shooting guide for some of the little bumps that you may come across and how to fix them.

You're also in good hands with our friendly and efficient support. We will make sure you will be up and running as quickly as possible. So don't hesitate to contact us; we like it:)